It’s an occupational hazard…

… being 6’7″ (202cm)!

When I was in Germany recently I gave myself a clout on the noggin when I got up out of a patio chair.

The cause was a very solid sun awning.

At the time I just put it down to experience (I bang my head quite a lot). But back in Blighty almost a week later, last Tuesday, with no apparent sign of the ensuing headache disappearing, I sought out my GP. Diagnosis: concussion. Tablets prescribed.

Next day a ghastly rash started to appear on my forehead and right eyelid. By Thursday one half of my forehead was covered in painful blisters and my right eye so puffy that I couldn’t open it easily.

Another visit to GP. Diagnosis: shingles. More medication.

Saturday: looked as though related to Quasimodo! Admitted to Southampton General Hospital’s acute medical ward where, thankfully, I can duly report that I appear to be getting better very slowly (indeed).

Well, put it like this I can see out of my right eye this evening, but my family antecedents remain questionable!

Am bored stiff in isolation room with no tv or radio. Room service not fantastic either!

Updated 29.09.2009, 19:05: discharged from hospital this afternoon, damage to eyes has been averted and I’m no longer infectious but I’ll have horribly disfiguring scabs on my forehead/scalp for some weeks to come. ¬†They should, hopefully, clear completely (but this is not guaranteed).