Shooting the breeze on Hurst Spit

Windswept Molly (cocker spaniel) on Hurst Spit

Shooting the breeze on Hurst Spit this afternoon

Happy Birthday Molly!

Do my paws look big in this?

Today has been (its 10pm) Molly’s seventh birthday. Compared to past birthdays, and in particular her 2009 one, I’d like to think its been a pretty good day all round, and she’s certainly been fussed over even more than usual. She even had roast beef casserole for supper!

And dad had a lovely surprise on her birthday too. I’ve been offered a part-time role with the Environment Agency in Bristol as Head of Interactive Development, with the prospect of it becoming full time and permanent in about five months’ time.

The role is about sorting out corporate governance of the agency’s website and making it more usable for members of the public. ┬áPart-time isn’t really what I wanted, but this is such a great opportunity to work for an organisation I’ve aspired to web manage for a long time, that I believe its worth taking even for the short to medium term in the hope that it might turn full time and permanent ‘in a bit’.

Extra cuddles for Molly tonight!