“The Eustace Diamonds” – a review

The Eustace DiamondsWho’d ever think that a string of diamonds could cause such havoc or angst?

Trollope has a wonderful perception of humanity, especially of manipulative individuals, and this book is particularly engrossing and the issues covered will resonate with many as the story translates very easily to the modern day.

I particularly liked that the story travels extensively in the UK rather than being London-centric, though I found it hard to believe that two close friends undertake a 10 hour train journey towards the end of the book, yet do not interact with each other at all! The book does take some getting through.

The Eustace Diamonds is a very long book, packed full of characters and a plot which twists and turns, and the dialogue style requires a bit of effort to master.

I was really quite relieved to finally reach its end!