A stupid question to ask

Land Rover Experience logoThis Sunday I’m going on an official ‘Land Rover Experience‘ adventure day in Devon – an off-road safari if you like. The joining instructions specifically ask that I check/confirm my insurance cover is valid.

Me to Land Rover Insurance: “Just a sanity check, please humour me! Am I covered for off road driving please?”

Land Rover Insurance telephone agent: “No it won’t be, but I can check what extra cover we can add on to the policy.”

Me: “Excuse me? Its a Land Rover. Its designed to ‘go beyond’! You are Land Rover Insurance. What do you mean “no it isn’t”? Why on earth are you insuring Land Rovers if you don’t cover them to go off road? Please confirm with a colleague that what you have told me is accurate.”

Returned phone call five minutes later …

Land Rover agent (same one): “The underwriters say that yes you are fully covered.”

Me: “Well given your initial doubt I’d like to receive a written confirmation to that effect please.”

Email received: “I am happy to confirm that you are indeed insured as standard on your policy for off-road use. I do apologise that I was unaware of this fact, and have taken your comments on board.”

Much relief, phew!


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