What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?

It was a movie of its day (early 1960s), but it looks very dated now. Nevertheless its still very funny and has a certain resonance even today.

Carry on Cabby, an early example ‘Carry On’ genre focused on the male dominated black cabs of a small English town. The black cab company is run by a workholic with no time for his long term fiance.

To cut a long story short she and a friend set up a glossy new taxi company to rival the black cab firm. Unsurprisingly all the drivers are female, the cabs brand spanking new, and they name the new firm Glamour Cabs which is certain to cause trouble …

Glamour Cabs launches and takes the town by storm. The two companies vie for the townsfolk’s business, and Glamour Cabs always seem to win the fares. Perhaps its something to do with the drivers flashing their stockinged legs at prospective customers, or their ‘modern’ cars, or maybe its the novelty of a new service?

The comedy comes shining through as the black cab drivers get thwarted at every turn as they try to outdo their rivals.

The film ends with a bank heist which ultimately leads to a Glamour Cab driver being taken hostage. The black cab company come to her rescue and the two owners decide to join forces, spelling the end – alas – of Glamour Cabs.

If you like Carry On films, I think you’ll laugh out loud at Carry On Cabby.

The film has an extra poignancy for me. It was filmed in and around the area where I grew up. Even though I was hardly more than a babe in arms when it was made, I recognise many of the streets that appear in the film.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carry_On_Cabby

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