Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue

There’s a brilliant new series starting at 8.00pm on Channel 4 tonight following the highs and lows of would-be hoteliers.

After the success of Country House Rescue, the fabulous Ruth Watson returns to tackle fledgling hotels and B&Bs across the UK in brand new series called Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue.

Ruth Watson

Ruth Watson

An award-winning hotelier, food writer and owner of the internationally acclaimed Crown and Castle Hotel in Suffolk, Ruth is using her expertise to transform the efforts of new hoteliers as they set up on their own.

Famed for her attention to detail when it comes to perfecting hotel experiences, Ruth is on a mission to open the eyes of the six couples who think establishing a hotel or B&B will be a piece of cake.

Determined to shape the novices into professional hoteliers, Ruth visits and assesses each project, and sends the proprietors to Hotel Bootcamp at some of the UK’s top hotels to learn from the best in the business.

The six projects require serious work. From a run-down 32-bedroom hotel in Blackpool to a couple attempting to create a boutique B&B in Margate and proprietors with no hospitality experience.

I’m sure the series will be highly entertaining but also instructive. I’m not about to start a B&B myself but as a punter it’s useful to see ‘behind the green baize door’ for future reference re stays in guest accommodation, and I’ll certainly take account for future TripAdvisor reviews that I write.

For TSM and I there’s an additional interest and relevance to this new Channel 4 series. Next Tuesday night we will be staying at the aforementioned Crown and Castle in Orford, in advance of my attending a job interview in Cambridge on the following day.

OK, Cambridge isn’t exactly next door to Orford, but relative to Southampton it’s a stone’s throw and therefore justifiable excuse to have a treat, especially after my ordeal in hospital in recent days…

We’re both looking forward to our stay very much, and Molly is coming along too (the Crown & Castle offers special facilities for favoured pooches).

Naturally we hope that we shall meet The Great Lady herself, but I’m sure she’s very busy with other commitments. If we do, it’ll be a delightful bonus.

12 thoughts on “Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue

  1. I dunno how they got four stars either!!! I don’t think it looked that special… The idea of partly poached eggs quite turnded my stomach- though they are a bugger to cook- i always break my yolk. can’t even switch mine and Big Man’s- he has to have it cooked to consistency of bullet as he hates runny eggs.

  2. Isn’t Jarman’s garden not at Dungeness in Kent? We won’t have sufficient time for visiting Southwold unfortunately. The one must-see to be definitely included is the House in the Clouds at Thorpeness, it is one of my earliest childhood memories seeing that (about the age of 6 or 7, I think).

  3. Are you going to visit Derek Jarman’s seashore garden, TSM? It is a place I have wanted to see for a long time. Also Walberswick near Southwold, where Charles Rennie Mackintosh stayed for a while during WW1. Sadly, he was treated quite badly as they thought he was a German spy…
    I hope you enjoy being pampered, you deserve it!

  4. Well TSM is looking forward to the prospect of pampering herself let alone visiting Suffolk. As one who by default, has been involved with B&B guests notes of all details positive and negative will be logged and where ever possible specific & pertinent questions asked.

  5. We thought that the husband was an alcoholic! Bulging, bloodshot eyes … And how they got awarded four stars beggars belief … IMO would have been better to award three and give them a reason to strive for better at next inspection.

  6. Programme was very entertaining. Not entirely convinced by hubby’s vehement denials in the beginning though. Cunning editing and production for best effect.
    The presenter was rather Fern on steroids😀
    And as for the idea of semi-poached eggs ready to re-heat? A step too far in purreparation for this kitty!

  7. Chelwood House is a lovely Dower house from 1681 ish and has a ships beam running through the cellar area….she was my only (confessed) mistress as totally fell in love with the House and it’s vibe……obtained Wedding Licence from BANES (local stuffy Council) and Mr and Mrs R J Gambier were first couple married at Chelwood House.

  8. Thanks both! But RJG, you dark horse!!! How splendiferous is Chelwood House? What an superb tale, if tinged with sadness for a personal relationship lost.

  9. Good luck with the Interview for Job. Also hope Hotel stay is pleasant.
    I have seen earlier series of Hotel Rescue….not a great fan as former Hotelier.
    I last had small 12 bed Country House Hotel twixt Bath/Bristol and went from jaded twee BB into fine dining and ultimately Wedding Venue hosting from Evening until Sunday midday……what a fabulous,wonderful,chaotic,tiring episode in my Life. Never again was a phrase oft repeated after very profitable Sale and things did not quite ever return those 2000/2005 days but a truly great/memorable experience although Marriage breaker and most physically/mentally exhausting thing I’ve ever done…..Good Luck to anyone thinking of embarking on or in the business already.

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