Taking the water

Tomorrow I’m off on my travels once again, this time visiting friends in the Black Forest.  Not just a jolly, there’s a health dividend too.

I’m going to Baden-Baden in Germany’s Schwarzwald (‘black forest’) to ‘take the waters’ at the town’s famous thermal springs where the water comes out of the ground at a delicious 38C. Instead of two half-hour sessions of hydrotherapy per week I shall be having hydrotherapy every day for a couple of hours each time!

The Caracalla Spa complex in the town centre is superb (I’ve visited it several times before). Bathing in the thermal spring water is particularly good for spinal and locomotive problems such as my present affliction.

Twelve natural springs rise from depths of around 6,500 feet and provide an awesome bathing experience in the huge glass spa building. A romantic hot and cold rock grotto, bubbling whirlpools, waterfalls, counter-current pools and massaging water jets contribute to an amazing feeling of well-being whilst you let yourself float away under a canopy of shimmering light.

I met my friends Kerstin & Christian Fleischer on Papua New Guinea’s River Sepik in 1992 and we’ve remained in contact ever since. This will, however, be our first meeting for about eight years.

My planned route to Baden-Baden

My planned route to Baden-Baden

As usual I’ll be tweeting my overland journey from England to Germany (via Eurotunnel) and I’m sure I’ll also post a few updates on things I do whilst there.

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11 thoughts on “Taking the water

  1. G’Day John.
    Singles are a serious problem in the area around the eyes. It happened to a friend some years ago(transferd from a tree leaf) HE WAS A MESS FOR SOME WEEKS, his GP who was a mate told him in that area he could have lost his sight.Take care and dont stuff around.

  2. Beautiful photos from your trip. Now, suddenly you’re just down the road from me in Halifax! You certainly get around, hope that your back has benefited, Jo

  3. Mais pas une madame, je crois…
    I hope you are having a truly invigorating time Mister Fourex.

  4. Oh dear, you really ought to know better Taddoe. DON’T PLAY WITH BOXES … it’s dangerous!!! Thanks for your good wishes. au bientot a Reims, Jean Renard.

  5. hope you have a safe journey and that the spa will help your back–mine is giving me h**l again(no doubt cause of my job plus moving carboard boxes etc prior to move)still nearly 17th nov:have funxxxxxxx

  6. Hope the therapy & the friendship work their magic and that you return relaxed & rejuvenated. I wish you safe & comfortable travelling. Jo

  7. The spa sounds great!! I could use some curative waters before my appt with a neurosurgeon at the end of the month! Take care and safe travels.

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