A happy holiday

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their lovely messages on my blog, Facebook and Twitter whilst I’ve been travelling!

We returned home on Saturday from our two-week journey around the north of Scotland. We had a great time and fabulous weather too, so I’m a happy bunny.

But even better than that, I’ve made a big leap in progress with my bad back. But the good news is that my holiday seems to have worked a minor miracle, I can walk and stand for much longer than previously, and I certainly don’t have anywhere near as much pain either. Instead of a cocktail of painkillers I’m now existing on just Ibuprofen, so that’s good too. With the exception of around 200 miles I drove the whole way – a total of 2600 miles in two weeks – and that’s something I really didn’t think I’d be able to do even when we left home on 13th June.

Whilst we were up in Shetland I had a bit of a mishap; I fell over! I was standing in a ditch photographing some cute Shetland ponies and stepped backwards to move back onto the roadside. I slipped and fell backwards, landing quite hard on my bum and then my back. But I didn’t hit my head on the tarmac thankfully. After moving very carefully in case I’d caused nasty damage I managed to get back on my feet and move about without discomfort. Indeed it seems to have been something of a miracle cure, because I’ve definitely been ‘less worse’ than I was previously.

But I’m by no means out of the woods yet, still need to have hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, and I have to attend a pain management clinic shortly, but that’s principally about identifying how best to manage things going forward. It looks like I’m going to have a degree of back pain for some time to come, but at least I’ve got to a point where I can now reasonably look toward getting back to employment.

There’ll be a more detailed update with pics soon (I’m catching up with emails and other stuff).

5 thoughts on “A happy holiday

  1. So pleased your back is improving. Didn’t managed to meet with you all on 23rd but I stood on the pier by the lifeboat & peered through my binoculars as the evening ferry set sail – if I’m not mistaken you were wearing a rather fetching green top!
    We, my daughter & I have returned home to Yorkshire this afternoon & like you had an absolutely brilliant time in Shetland. The weather has been unbelievable – had to plaster on the sunscreen every day. Looking forward to seeing your photos, Jo

  2. thats great news about your back to, FX, can only think the holiday worked some magic on you!! I really enjoyed the Travelling blog and tweets, and on the subject of travelling… the teacosy is with Carol after going AWOL for a while between Glasgow and France!!

  3. Enjoyed your travel tweets and pics. I googled and read about a lot of new places. Sounded like you all had a great trip. I must admit, I’m a little envious!! Looking forward to pictures and tall tales!!

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