Unst-oppable Yell-ing

My return to Shetland has, thus far, lived up to expectations, indeed exceeded them. We have been blessed with superb weather, yesterday especially.

I am enjoying visiting locations I remember from 1976 and 1988, and the discovery of new places of interest.

Marion loves the close-up encounters with the local wildlife, particularly puffins, but a meeting with a friendly otter as yet eludes her.

We’re both loving the profusion of wildflowers on roadside verges and meadows, deep carmine red campion, purple and blue orchids, though none yet as special as the “Primula Scotica” that Stromness Dragon found for M at Yesnaby, Orkney, on Thursday.

I took a tumble on Saturday morning whilst snapping away at a cute Shetland Pony family. Losing my footing, I fell backwards landing on my back which, in present circumstance, was not the best thing. Mario, not unnaturally, was very concerned for my welfare.

Amazingly, however, it appears to have worked a miracle because – after I stopped laughing out loud – I got carefully to my feet and found no appreciable discomfort, indeed if anything, less than previously.

Yesterday we travelled up to Hermaness NNR for a sight of my favourite lighthouse, Muckle Flugga. Despite earnest searches of the sea whilst crossing to Yell and then to Unst, we did not see a killer whale from the ferries, unlike Mirlnlass the previous evening. Wall to wall blue skies and warm with it, sea flat calm.

Hopefully when we see her this evening she’ll have some pics to show us!

Today we’re heading for Scalloway and the Shetland Bus Museum (not the 4 wheel variety), shopping in Lerwick and an evening crossing to Bressay to see Mirlnlass and Moreorlesssocks.

We depart Shetland tomorrow evening , headed for Cornhill upon Tweed.

8 thoughts on “Unst-oppable Yell-ing

  1. Hi John& Lady Marion.
    Good photos, with a few more rolls you could put the Rugby cap on again and get stuck into it. Best Regards.Roy.

  2. Sounds like you and TSM are having a great trip. I’m enjoying your pictures along the way. Glad you survived your tumble! All that fun you are having must be making you less tense!! LOL!

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