Dragon’s Den (Orkney style)

Quick update from car park of Tesco in Kirkwall to report an absolutely fabulous encounter with the awesome Stromness Dragon.

Approaching it’s lair with quite some trepidation us three travellers were given a typically dragonian welcome – a warm one!

Fresh-baked scones and copious cups of tea later we set off on a grand tour, and what a tour indeed.

I’ll blog in more detail later when I can use my Mac instead of my iPhone, but we’ll be sailing for Lerwick with very happy memories of our time in Orcadia.

A huge public thank you to SD for taking us under it’s wings today.


2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Den (Orkney style)

  1. How lovely to meet the Dragon! A pity Edward wasn’t with you, as I have it on very good authority that Dragons are fond of kitties (in the nicest possible way). I hope you all enjoyed your scones and tea…

  2. Ooooooooohh! What a lovely time you are all having. Lovely photo of the sunset at Brough of Birsay, one of my favourite places. Jo

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