The Old Man of Hoy says “Hi!”

In breezy drizzle the travellers have been welcomed to Orkney as the ferry slipped quickly passed the Old Man of Hoy a few minutes ago.

Unfortunately the forecast for the next 48 hours is not favourable but we don’t care two hoots about that.

The ferry is just turning into Hamnavoe, we’re close now to Stromness.

Both v excited about reaching Orkney at last. Molly very blasĂ© though – to her it’s just another island to explore.

7 thoughts on “The Old Man of Hoy says “Hi!”

  1. Knew the title Wet & Windy would come in handy. Unfortunately removed from trading due to misleading product descriptions and excessive expense claims Proprieter took a huge bonus and a holday in Devon where weather perfect, dogs rampaged merrily all over the cliff top golf course retrieving golf balls that were cashed in at the golf club and used to purchase ice cream and cream teas ..JML

  2. Fab sunset at Brough of Birsay,, see pic on Twitter. Looking forward to meeting a certain dragon in the morning.

  3. Welcome to Orkney and the sun shone just for you this evening. Hope you enjoy the sunshine and the long evenings and may Orkney make you welcome.

  4. Following your twitters avidly. Yes, don’t think I would choose to walk to The Tomb of the Eagles in heavy rain. Have been twice but both times in good weather. Hope the rain passes, you will continue to enjoy every minute. Happy travelling. Jo

  5. Lucky you, FX! Never mind the weather. Greetings to TSM and to Stromness Dragon when you meet her.
    I hope this comment works – I tried to comment on your last posting but it didn\’t work.

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